Roon sync with Qobuz

Anyone else experiencing incomplete or delayed syncing of Roon with Qobuz, especially new releases and Qobuz playlists?

I don’t know about playlists, but NRFY from Qobuz has been slow to update these days. See:


I am currently experiencing the same issue. I am looking for the last release from Billie Eilish “Your Power” which is available on Qobuz but cannot be found in Roon.
It is not the first time I have this kind of problem…

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Sometimes it takes a bit until Roon is synced with Qobuz.

And sometimes stuff just cannot be found via Roon and I have to resort to finding it on the Qobuz app and then it will show up in my Roon favorite list.

Can’t explain why but it happens too much IMHO.


Your Billie Eilish single is in Roon now :slight_smile:

It’s under investigation apparently.

I asked the exact same thing 4 days ago. It’s frustrating that the sync between Qobuz and Roon isn’t instant…

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