Roon Tags with Artists


I have created some Tags within Roon based on Artits which I usually play randomly.

Now to my question: is Roon including new releases of a tagged artist automatically when I play music from a Tag? Or is it only playing stuff which were availabe when I tagged the artist and need the releases to be in my libray?

Thank you in advance for your help.

Not sure personally. It might update automatically as there is some dynamic behavior of tags, but might not be the same everywhere. At least in 2017 according to Roon staff here:

Though maybe it changed …

HI Javier,

If you tag an artist and then shuffle the Tag, then it will shuffle play the artist’s content that is in your library. So, you would need to add the new release to your library and then it will be caught up in the Tag shuffle.

have you tried using the Bookmark function? On your tracks page, enter a filter for your Album Artist of choice, and save that as a bookmark. When you return to that bookmark, it will automagically update to the current state of your database. From that same page, you can shuffle and play.