Roon takes ages to show content or play songs

I am using Roon Core on a Mac Mini M1 and using as remote my iPad the Roon app. Mac is connected to the router by LAN.
Qobuz content is loaded very slow and my Qobuz mostly not at all.
Starting songs takes several seconds or in stops in middle of a song.
This is really not the performance I expected from Roon/Qobuz.
A lot of people reporting no problems with Qobuz, so my be something with my set-up, but I would not know where to look for problems.

I quit the server and restarted, now it looks better, let’s see if this holds.
Anybody an idea why the Roon Core on M1 starts acting weird?

How much RAM do you have in your M1, and how long had the core been running before you started experiencing problems? I’ve found that Roon on my M1 will use increasingly large amounts of RAM if left to run unchecked. I’m currently restarting my core twice a week and it’s running much better.

It’s also worth mentioning that the problem may well have been with Qobuz rather than Roon, i.e. slow access to their servers.

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I have 8GB and I have Never rebooted the Core, so it was running for a couple of weeks. :wink:
Thanks for the tip, will do that. :+1:
But frankly this is very bad programming and for the price I had to pay for a life time Roon subscription unacceptable. :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

If your core has been running for a few weeks I think a reboot will help. Keep us posted. As for bad programming: it’s definitely not a good thing, but Roon recently rewrote the linux core to deal with some memory leaks, so hopefully a more RAM friendly Mac version will be along shortly.

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Thanks, let’s hope so. :slight_smile:

Is it enough to quit and restart Roon or should I restart the M1 also?

No need to reboot the M1, just Roon (or Roon Server). I’ve set up an AppleScript to reboot mine twice a week, but that’s probably overkill - just restart the server when things get sluggish.

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and my apologies to Roon, it seems to be something unacceptable from apple. :wink:
I am new to MacOS.

No, I think it’s definitely a problem with Roon, but hopefully they’ll get it sorted.

Ok, in that case. Shame on you Roon and fix this ASAP! :wink:

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