Roon takes down my MacBook Pro's Wi-Fi Connection

Apologies if this has already been covered in another thread (I searched…).

Every so often (maybe 1/4th of the time?) I start the Roon app on my MacBook Pro, connecting to a RoonServer running on a Mac Mini, and I notice that it takes a long time to connect to Roon.

Then, I will notice that my MacBook Pro cannot talk to anything on the network. I’ve learned to disable and then re-enable Wi-Fi and all is well.

I’ve seen this issue for a long time with Roon, but haven’t reported it in the past because I can’t seem to nail down a specific set of steps to reliably reproduce the problem.

For what it’s worth, I am using an Apple Airport Extreme as my Wi-Fi access point and router.

Not sure what the Roon app is doing for discovery, but the MacBook Pro Wi-Fi stack doesn’t like it.

Hi Ken, Roon uses multicast and I’m not sure that it is the MacBook which doesn’t like it, more than likely the AAE is the one that might have the issue. If you have access to a different Wi-Fi access point ( i.e. non Apple) that would be a great test as it would quickly focus whether the issue with the computer or the Access Point.

Thanks. Swapping out the AAE would be really time consuming, so I likely won’t do this; I have a lot of devices pulling their IP address from the AAE based on the MAC addr.

I will add this, however: I’ve never seen this issue with my iPad Mini, accessing the same Roon Server on the same wireless network.

Hi @Krutsch ----- Thank you for the report and sorry for the troubles. I noticed in your most recent post that this same behavior is no being exhibited on your iPad Mini.

With this in mind, can you verify if you have any active firewalls or antivirus applications on your MBP?