Roon takes forever to load cover art while paging through the browser


I just subscribed yesterday and got my ~400 albums scanned and analysed by Roon (v1.3 build 274 - 64 bit).

I’ve been experimenting with the app all day, and every time I launch it, it takes Roon forever to load (re-load) the albums with their covers.

I’m using a Lenovo Thinkpad T530
Intel Core i5-3230M CPU @ 2.60 GHz
8 Gb of RAM
Windows 10 Home v1709 - 64 bit
All FLAC files are stored locally on a SSD, and the covers are stored in the same directories as the albums.

I allocate 2048 Mb to artwork memory
The Cache is clean

I don’t know what else to do, but I can’t see myself launching Roon and re-loading my library for an hour or so evey time I want to listen to some music…

Am I missing something, or is something wrong with Roon? Before I agree to pay for a hefty subscription, I want to make sure things will run smoothly.

There’s a lot happening when you first start using Roon – files are being analyzed, metadata is being retrieved, and so on.

The other big question is whether you’re using an SSD for the Roon database. This is the single biggest factor for Roon’s performance, which is one reason many people choose to run their Roon Core on an “always on” device like ROCK – starting up the remote on the machine you described here would take less than a second in that configuration, but I still think things should be pretty quick on your machine with that library.

I’d recommend going into Settings > Library, turning Background Analysis up all the way, and leaving it overnight. If things still aren’t feeling snappy, let us know.

Thanks for your reply.

Background analysis finished yesterday.

Database on SSD.

Isn’t there a better way to make this work than using an “always-on device”?

That should be fine then. I’m going to enable some debugging on your account, and me or someone from @support will follow up.

Just so I’m clear – this happens every time you restart the app? How long is it taking to actually start up? What are you seeing in Task Manager when this is happening?

Happens every time.

Roon launches in no time, but the Album page only has the names of the albums. After a few minutes, the covers appear a few at a time until the page is full. When I go to next page, the same thing happens : text without covers. So if I want to browse my albums, I first have to wait for every page to load, one by one (if I don’t go to next page, it never gets updated). And while each page refreshes, I can’t do anything else in Roon.

Between pages, Task Manager says Roon is using 0% CPU.

Same here. Just happened. Maybe related to McAfee ? (Just installed)
Never happend before.

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Something bad in the most recent update. Lots of lag/hang going on. Just on the Windows laptop. Android client is fine.

That ThinkPad has Intel HD Graphics hardware, I believe?

My bet is that you’re being bitten by the Graphics driver issue - an interaction between some versions of the Intel driver and the OpenGL library that Roon uses for its UI. See:

One possible workaround is to try the 32bit version of Roon on your ThinkPad.

  1. What are the limits or disadvantages of Roon 32?

  2. Do I simply uninstall Roon 64 from Control panel and than log on to Roon website to download and reinstall the app with Roon 32?

If you’re not using the T530 for anything else – try installing ROCK. I have a W530 which is working flawlessly with ROCK and at lightning speed (on a quad i7 though).

  1. for your size of library (400 albums?) Roon 32 will be perfectly fine.
  2. Uninstall Roon 64 - but keep the database and settings (you’ll see this option when uninstalling). Download and install Roon 32.

Will try.

I asked for limits, because my library will soon be much larger.

According to this post from @brian, 100,000 tracks might be borderline…

Seems to work fine with 32 bit version. Will keep you posted if I encounter any further problem.

Thanks again for your help.

Hi @Pierre_Corbeil ---- Touching base to see how things have been holding up with the 32bit install. Let me know.


So far so good, except for the blank screen others have also mentionned when minimizing Roon in Windows.

So, just to be clear - the 32bit install seems to have cleared up the slow browsing issue, but not the blank screen issue that appears when you restore the Roon windows after it’s been minimised?

This is exact.

OK; how do you get out of this issue? Do you have to close and then restart Roon? Or do you find that if you resize the blank window that all the Roon graphics are redrawn, and you can carry on?

I ask because when I had this issue, I could clear it by resizing the Roon window, but this didn’t work for everyone…

Resizing does not work for me. I have to shut down and reopen.