Roon takes forever to load; will not play radio for any song

Roon Core Machine

Hadn’t used Roon in awhile as it had gotten sluggish, but returned to it today to find it unusable.
Core machine is an i7 9700k 8 core, 64GB ram. Windows 10 build 19043.

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Ethernet via Netgear R7800 Nighthawk X4S
Cloudflair DNS

Connected Audio Devices

Stream mostly to Chromecast with an ethernet connection or Bose portable via wifi

Library Size

A bit over 170,000 tracks

Description of Issue

Takes an interminable time to load library, will not “play radio” from any track. Originally it worked just fine.

Hi @Larry_Mowrey, is playback working okay outside of Roon Radio?

Is there any change if you disable IPv6 on your router and Core?

I disabled IPV6 on the core, radio started playing. Haven’t done anything with the router though., Fingers crossed

Thanks for the update, @Larry_Mowrey. We’ve found that some ISPs have started implementing IPv6 and it’s caused some issues, so that could certainly be what happened here. Let us know if anything changes.