Roon takes long to start on Macbook

I have my Roon core running on a Linux server (Ubuntu) and I can connect to it easily from iphone/ipad and other handheld devices. However when I want to use my macbook to connect to the core then it takes forever to find (it will find it eventually, but it takes really long). If I in the same time while the macbook tries to connect use my iphone to connect then that connects almost instantaneously. the OS version my macbook is 10.12.3.

maybe your DSN and or network settings need a tweak?

That is probably a good idea, I will play around a bit with that. Any suggestions for optimal settings with regard to Roon?

Im not sure how your network is setup…but perhaps your DHCP service is not issuing any local DNS lookups for wired or perhaps your MacBook is not using correct DNS settings or a fixed IP with some bad entry…perhaps you can post the settings for your server core machine and the MacBook and describe your network setup in more detail.