Roon takes over my system?!

Roon Core Machine


Networking Gear & Setup Details

miniDSP ethernet

Connected Audio Devices

Marantz Cinema 50; Apple TV (latest); miniDSP, Harmony Hub remote; Classe amp; recent LG OLED

Number of Tracks in Library


Description of Issue

when I open Roon app on iPad and select something to play on miniDSP, Roon says “switching to your audio advice, this will take a minute”. It then changes settings on my media setup- turns off the TV, turns off the Marantz, selects the correct setting on the Classe amp, and starts music- all good!

I’m trying to set up a Harmony activity that launches Roon but also turns on the Marantz and LG TV and displays the video of Apple TV (so that I can watch nature videos or use the Roon Apple TV Remote), it appears that Roon does as described above- turn off all the stuff I turned on for this activity!

It looks like Roon is coordinating with Harmony Hub when I tell Roon to play. How do I tell Roon to stop being “smart” and doing CEC-style commands?

I don’t think Roon is doing any CEC. It’s probably the Marantz going into some “audio only” function when an audio input is selected.

I hope others have better answers but…

If you’re going to set-up activities in Harmony I’d turn CEC off at the Maratz. It’s easy for Harmony to get out of sync with the state of individual things since there is no feedback. It just fires and hopes the thing is now on or off based on what is expected. If the Marantz is ding something “smart” which is counter to your activity then Harmony will get lost.

The audio signal from my Roon zone miniDSP is not connected to the Marantz. So that’s not it.

I purchased the Marantz recently and set CEC to ‘no’ during setup.

I have no idea what’s going on then. :slight_smile:

Roon connects to my system’s volume control via a Deep Harmony Roon extension. I went into Roon Extension settings and turned off and for Roon I switched off Hub Settings/Activity ‘Roon’/Use Source Control-- it’s now set to No. So far it looks like that worked.

Extensions are not official Roon products they are created and supported by fellow users. I am moving this to the Tinkering section.

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