Roon takes time to "wake up" [Investigating]

Roon Core Machine

I am using a ROCK installation on an Intel NUC NUC8i7BEH, latest build.

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Ethernet wired connection (Gigabit), ASUS routers, only remotes are on Wi-Fi

Connected Audio Devices

My main Hi-Fi is fed via a Sonore Optical Rendu via USB to my Chord Dave DAC. For other casual listening I use a mix of iPad and Windows PCs as roon remote

Number of Tracks in Library

115000 tracks, around 8700 albums.

Description of Issue

I am running Roon remote on my Lenovo Carbon X1 laptop, it was always running fine, but after a recent update to Roon, I started noticing a weird behavior, basically when I have Roon running and playing some music, I would be doing other things on the laptop (Excel, Outlook, Edge, etc.) and occasionally I would click on the Roon icon on the taskbar which brings Roon back into focus, however I cannot click on anything in the Roon window for about 10 seconds, it will always respond afterwards and behave normally, but bringing it back in focus seems to hang it temporarily.

How do I troubleshoot this? I don’t have this behavior on any other ap.

Also noticed that this happens only if Roon is not in focus (minimized) for a longer time (20 minutes or more)…

PS. I am running Windows 11 build 22H2

This sounds similar to this issue:

Can you provide the answers for your system to the questions that Noris asks in the first post of that topic? Thanks.


  1. Does the hang have any relation to minimizing / maximizing the Roon app or does it occur while in use? Answer: Yes, it seems to happen only when I bring Roon back into focus from either a minimized state or when it is not the window with focus for a while… The issue never shows up when I am inside Roon.

  2. When the hang occurs, what is the last active window of Roon? Are you on Now Playing, Queue, My Albums, or another view? Answer: I don’t think it makes a difference, but I will keep an eye to see if Roon behaves differently based on which view it was in.

  3. What is your CPU/GPU information? If you can submit screenshots of your Windows System Information System Summary and Display Tab, that would be helpful:

Here are the details requested:

One workaround is to setup a second desktop in which you run Roon full screen and just switch back to it when you need to control Roon.

I will try that…

Here is some interesting observation… I’ve taken the advice of setting up a second desktop and have it running now in full-screen mode on the second desktop (Same computer)… It hasn’t frozen once… Whenever I switch to that second desktop I can instantly interact with Roon, it does not hesitate or freeze for the 10-odd seconds before reacting to my clicks…

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It also resolves the crashing when waking from being minimized errors as well. Given that switching between desktops can be done via a quick keyboard shortcuts, I’m surprised more people have not used it as a workaround until support can quash the bug.

Hi @thijazi,

Thank you for reporting the issue and thank you again for your patience in awaiting a response.

We have released a fix for this problem in the last 5 days and I’d like to know if you have a) updated or b) experienced any issues. Can you try controlling Roon normally and see if you can duplicate the issue?


I just came back from a week of travelling, when I started Roon it immediately applied the latest updates so I will be monitoring this for a while and report back, but so far today I haven’t seen the hanging behavior… fingers crossed.

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Please let us know if it does come back. This fix that we implemented was targeted directly at your issue.

Enjoy the music!

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So far everything works fine, I think this last update fixed the issue. Thank you!

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Hi Wes,

Sadly, the issue resurfaced, it was working well for a few days and then again, I started seeing the same behavior… Nothing else changed on my PC.


Hi Tareq and thank you for getting in touch. My only regret is that the fix was temporary!

I will be at my desk until at least 23:00 hours GMT. Please duplicate the issue for me and note the date/time/track played so I can look at logging. I’m just poking around with diagnostics and not finding anything obvious so I am hoping this will help.


Ok, I will start sharing the time-stamps of these hangs and sharing with you on this thread.

The hanging behavior just happened now (at 17:59 GMT+4).

Hi @thijazi,

Thank you for that. I’ve grabbed some logging and will need to get your information out to our devs.

Can you answer a couple of questions for me though?

What is the video card in the PC you are using? Is there more than one? Are you using any additional monitors? What resolution are you set to?


Hi there, using a Lenovo Yoga X1 Carbon (Gen 4.0) machine, running Windows 11… And yes, it is connected to a Samsung 27" screen (only secondary screen is displayed, the laptop screen is turned off).

The laptop is running an Intel Graphics UHD 620 integrated graphic card. Resolution is set at 2560x1440

Hi @thijazi,

Thank you for the additional information.

We have an open ticket to address this issue. It’s not affecting many but it’s certainly a pain for those that have it.

I am curious though. Is there any change in the situation when using the primary laptop screen with no external display?