Roon Team feedback in translations database

I find it difficult to find which phrases have been commented or even where my “Request Clarification” has been responded to.
Is there a way that these questioned phrases could be put up on a blog or similar? Maybe even here in the Translations section of the forum?

Also, i have corrected some spelling errors by voting “This is wrong” and then provided a translation myself, however this doesn’t seem to work in spite of new releases of the Roon client being delivered.
Do the translations not always get updated?

Hello Mikael,
As far as I know, when you vote wrong and provide an alternate translation, your vote is not taken into consideration… Somebody else as to vote. That’s why for the French team we set a small private group in the forum, and if a mistake is found, one translates, and the others vote in favor of the new translation.
This could be avoided if there was some sort of “super user” to moderate the database, for spelling, harmonisation, or visualisation issues. I had some exchanges with @mike some months ago about ways to improve localisation at large, and he said he’ll think about it, probably with dozens of other things :slight_smile:
NB: the current state of the database is taken into consideration at every release, at least for French (I always check if the last modifications have been considered, and they always had).

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Thanks for the clarification Alec! It seems my perception of the update process was wrong.
I agree then that some form of superuser priviledges would be needed, or a request channel towards the Roon team to simply remove faulty translations.

The real way to solve the problem is to abandon the current translation tools and move to a more robust crowdsourcing translation framework like

I hope that the manager of roon can see this suggestion. We have spent a lot of time polishing the translation and should not spend so much extra effort to maintain it.

@alec_eiffel Thank you for your efforts. I am trying to do the same in the Chinese translation community (but not very successful).:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Would like to raise these questions again…
I still fail to see ANY feedback from the Roon Team members within the Translation tool regarding Comments or Request for clarification… If this is to be a community driven translation we must get some feedback.

I hope @mike can forward these requests to the correct members of the Roon crew…