Roon tested device limited to 48kHz. No DSD

Hello everyone,

I have a Roon tested AVR, Denon X8500h. I can stream Roon media to it from my iPad remote app, but it is limited to 48kHz. Data and Roon Core are on a Synology NAS

While the same AVR, can stream DSD files, from the same Synology NAS, via DLNA. Not Roon.

Why can’t Roon send the data to the AVR in full resolution? Why is it limited to a much lower sample rate? Is it something I fix with the settings?

Thanks in advance.


I believe Roon communicates with the Denon via Airplay. And Airplay is limited to that resolution.

Makes sense.

Do you know a way I can connect Roon and the Denon AVR that allows DSD?


(I stated it 3 times because this website will not accept post of less than 10 characters and I add this explanation because it will not accept a post that does not seem to be a complete sentence. Dammit, all I want to post are those four letters: HDMI.)

Hi Kal,

But my computer does not send DSD through HDMI. I heard the Oppo Bluray does though. But nothing other that Oppo as far as I know.

I really really wish I am wrong, and that there is a solution b for that.

Dunno. Roon doesn’t do DLNA and it communicates with the Denon via Airplay which is limited to 24/28. You didn’t mention DSD before but HDMI will probably get to high bitrate PCM.

Hi @Seif_Maher,

If you are using the Denon with Airplay, then the sample rate would be limited to 48kHz. You can use an HDMI connection to achieve higher sample rates or insert a Roon Bridge device to facilitate the end connection (such as a Ethernet -> SPDIF bridge). I can’t comment on if the Denon can accept DSD content via HDMI or SPDIF, but you’ll get a higher PCM sample at the very least.

The avr can accept dsd over hdmi but no pc can send it. Drm and whatnot. There are a few devices that can, such as the aforementioned oppo. That was my finding, anyway, trying to get it to work.

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