Roon Tested Yamaha products question

I just ordered a Yamaha RX-V6A AVR. This AVR is Roon Tested. There is an Ethernet port on the AVR.

Can I stream 44/16 WAV files directly from my Roon core to the Yamaha by Ethernet?

If the answer is yes, do I want to? In other words, how good are the Yamaha’s internal DACs vs. my external NuForce DAC100?

There are significant reasons NOT to convert to analog prior to AVR inputs unless in pure direct mode. If you use pure direct, you lose:

room correction
bass management
DSP functions

If you enter an analog stream, and you want those functions, then you’re going through the Yamaha’s DACs anyway (AND you’ve caused an extra set of A-D / D-A conversions!

So, provided the Yamaha’s DACs are ready for prime time, can Roon get there by Ethernet? If not, what’s the next best choice?

Ethernet would work for streaming to the Yamaha for Airplay but not sure about Airplay 2.

In my opinion HDMI is the best choice for a direct connection between receiver and Roon server. That will allow full use of your receivers capabilities, DAC and DSP processing, for music playback.

Thanks @Mike_LC -

I don’t know if the HDMI output of my Apple TV-3 would tango with a HDMI input on the Yamaha - would it?

Until my Roon Nucleus One arrives, my signal path is:

Roon core on a Mac mini - Ethernet across the house to:
Apple TV-3 (HDMI and TOSLINK outputs available) to:
Yamaha RX-V6A

My entire music library is 44/16 WAV and if Airplay gets music to the living room, I’m good with that.

Yes it would or at least the Apple TV we had did. As far as I know anything with an HDMI connection has to follow regulations and work any other HMDI device.

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Not using Roon’s RAAT protocol. You could use a different protocol if available on the Yamaha, like Airplay.

They don’t specify in the literature I’ve read on it.

Yes, but, that is if you would use those features, if you don’t then using the outboard, and probably better DAC makes more sense to me.

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It sounds to me like I will need to actually listen to my external NuForce DAC vs. the internal DACs of the Yamaha. There are multiple connection options (Apple TV as an endpoint / Direct to Yamaha Ethernet via AirPlay / NuForce DAC to Yamaha pure direct analog input). Even without the Yamaha’s bass management, I could send the (volume controlled) line out through a splitter to both the subwoofer and the Yamaha. I’d need to use the subwoofer’s plate amp to adjust crossover, volume, and phase, but that’s not hard.