Roon thinks that the song has ended despite continued music present in the file

Every now and then, downloaded songs have the final portion not recognized as still having music in the file.

It will progress to the next track although the song has not ended. The file progression bar shows no presence of music beyond the progression line, but if you drag the red progression line beyond the where the program wants to stop, the song will continue to play.

Often the music needs to be downloaded again to be correctly recognized. Is there an easier fix of a reason for this bug?

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Thank you for getting back to me. Currently I am using a HP elite desktop mini 800 G1 with a 2 TB Samsung external hard drive. The computer is working with 8 GB of ram. It is using Windows 10 pro.

I am using DB power amp to burn discs to the system.

About every 15 to 20 songs downloaded has an issue. It is notable when attempting a playback. The progress bar at the bottom of the roon application has data regarding what I presume is the softwares indication of either data for the file or volume of the tract present for volume leveling. Several songs have the correct duration of the tract, but the volume indicator ends abruptly halfway through the song. Therefore, the progress bar ends prematurely and switches to the next track. If you drag the progress indicator ( the red line ) beyond where the software believes the song ends, it will continue to play the track. If it just is allowed to progress on its own, it will skip to the next track. The only way to correct this is to again download the track. Then it normally sees the entire track rather than trying to end prematurely.

Hopefully there’s an easy fix. I’ve been having to check each track to make sure the data is complete and correct things when needed. Currently, I have over 34,000 songs downloaded. It’s unclear how many have this corruption. Hopefully there is a fix without having to continually re-download the song. Sometimes it has to be redownloaded more than once.

Not completely clear what your workflow is, but if I am interpreting it correctly…

If you are ripping CDs onto your computer using dbpoweramp, are you ripping directly to a Roon watched folder while Roon is running?

If so, I suspect this could be an issue.

Try ripping to a different folder, (optionally) check the ripped files play ok and have correct metadata, then copy (all in one go) to the Roon watched folder.

Alternatively - shut down Roon while ripping.

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Keeping Roon closed did not correct the problem. Songs are still being truncated by the program despite data/music still being present beyond where the program thinks that the song ends. It still has the appropriate time for the song but the progress bar at the bottom of the screen had an abrupt end to the song volume data and then goes to the next tract. Any other ideas? Thanks in advance for your help.

What format have you chosen for dBpoweramp to use for ripping? - I assume that you are ripping CDs?

Do the affected tracks play in any other software?

Yes, I am ripping CDs. I am ripping them as FLAC 8 files. When I play the files using Microsoft media player, the song is played in its entirety. It is not truncated. Therefore, the issue is not with the rip, but somehow when the file is incorporated into the Roon data base/library. It is interesting that the Roon library recognizes the playing of the track but doesn’t see the data beyond a certain point and then will advance to the next tract. I am obviously concerned because I have to wonder how many corrupted tracks may be in the library with over 34K songs. Hopefully, a simple fix can be found rather than having to redownload the songs to correct the problem. Of note, redownloading the songs most always does correct the Roon library.

Can you clarify what you mean by “redownloading”? Do you mean copying a ripped file from the folder that dBpoweramp creates into a Roon Watched Folder, or something else? Thanks.

By redownloading, I mean again using dB poweramp to rip and replace the existing file with a new download. This is saved to the external hard drive associated with the computer used as the roon server. Interestingly, the song file opened by the roon program initially again shows the truncated song and within 30 seconds, spontaneously replaces the sound data seen in the progress bar to show that the entire file is now complete.

Just so I’m completely clear… when you tried this, you shut down the Roon Server software (aka Core), not just the Remote?

Other than that, I must be missing something. I’m stumped…

Hi @Bernard_Villegas,

Thank you for the report and for your patience. To assist the team and expedite our investigation, are you able to provide the following?

  1. A timestamp of when you recently reproduced this truncation on import, or a timestamp of when you last attempted to play one of the affected tracks and noticed truncation.

  2. A media file that reproduces this symptom in Roon (one of the affected tracks). You can upload it here.

Thank you!

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