Roon Through PCs HDMI?

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One of my Endpoints is a Windows PC in my lounge. It has an AMD Radeon RX 7900XTX Graphics card which is linked to my Receiver and then to the TV.

In Windows this device is set with a 5.1 setup as that’s what my receiver is set to.

I would like to be able to use this device as a Roon Endpoint but i’m not sure this is possible.

I have tried changing the channel setup in windows to 2 channel and also tried using the AMD audio device as well as the System Output but I always get “too many errors”.

Any ideas? screenshots attached.

Perhaps it won’t play nice with AMD Graphics cards or perhaps HDMI.

This is only while I wait for my new Buchardt active speakers as I sold my Unity Atom which I used to use with Roon



AFAIK, the HDMI channel will use the AMD High Definition Audio device.

In the Advanced settings in Roon for that device, you need to select the Channel layout setting to match the capabilities of your receiver - so if your receiver supports 7.1 channels, that’s what you need to set in Roon.

Also, the Max sample rate and the Max bits per sample settings should match your receiver’s capabilities as well.

Yes indeed I did try those things.

The error log suggests the transport was stopped due to too many errors.

No matter - I will not use it through HDMI and instead try Optical instead from the Motherboard MSI PRO-XC70-P


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