Roon/Tidal...can't scroll up or down on (favorites) album library page and selections slow to play

I just downloaded the software to use exclusively for streaming Tidal. It appears the software automatically imported all my favorite albums from my Tidal account just fine, but I get very slow to no response when simply trying to scroll up or down on the album library page. And when I click on an album to select it for play it is very slow to que up and start playing. Once the music starts everything sounds fine (really good, actually), but selecting individual tracks can also have this lag time.

Lenovo ThinkPad X201( i5-540M 2.53Ghz 4GB 320GB Windows 7 Pro 64 Bit) into Musical Fidelity v-link 192 into Schiit Gungnir


Just a guess, but how many Tidal albums do you have as favourites? It could be that Roon is still updating the metadata.

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Thanks for the reply, Greg. I don’t have a huge library, maybe around eighty albums in there. Things are improving as I’m able to scroll through my library more easily now, but the lag time with album/track selection still exists. I’m on my third day with the software now.

Hey Michael,

That’s not a lot of albums at all. It must be your hardware. Maybe one of the Roon guys can jump in and help.

Hey @tomlinmgt – are you looking at your Tidal albums in the main album browser, or via the Tidal page’s Your Favorites section?

Can you confirm how many albums are in your library is when you look at the main album browser (navigation sidebar > Collection > Albums)?

Thanks and sorry for the trouble here!