Roon - Tidal - Chord Mojo/Poly - drop outs: track not found on tidal


I’m sure this network description is a bit off in order, but:

Tidal > Macbook (Roon player - 1.2Ghz M5, 8GB ram, 512gb ssd, 10.13.1) > network > Vortexbox Nova (Roon core, 1TB/60GB SSD, Quad Core enhanced/8TB hardwired into router (BTHub 5 - measured 8mbs both ways)) > Chord Mojo Poly (on same network, set as Roon) jack lead > Dali Kubik + Free

<drops out after a few seconds saying track not found on tidal, starts skipping onto other tracks then just stops, loses connections, basically won’t work>

Tidal > Macbook > Bluetooth > Mojo Poly (switched off from Roon) > jack lead > Dali Kubik + Free

<plays all same songs absolutely hunky-dory - consistent, no drops>

I’ve been out of the country for a few months, just before I left I bought Roon, sms-200, Nova core, some other bits and bobs, now I’m back, have moved home and just trying to get things set up. Just want a decent sounding, simple system. Do I just get rid of Roon, Nova, SMS etc and take a hit and go with what works but probably sounds a little less good? (Tidal into Chord Mojo Poly via Bluetooth)

Any thoughts, and/or simple to follow instructions to get option 1 to work welcome, have neither the time or inclination to go and get a PhD in cross tech.

30,000 tracks on the core.