Roon Tidal doesn't start, does when I fast forward one second


My problem is the following. 60%-75% of the time when I start a new song in Tidal, I get the message that “Tidal is loading slowly” and that there might be a network problem. There is no network problem, as I can easily play the same track with no issues through the Bluesound app, and skipping to 0:01 of the track I want to play causes the track to play fine every time.

I apologize if this question has been asked previously, I find this forum approach to customer service very confusing.

My Core machine is a Late 2013 iMac with i5 and 16 GB RAM. I’m on a 300 Mbit connection running over wi-fi. I’m streaming through a Bluesound Node 2i and as I mentioned the Bluesound app plays Tidal flawlessly but Roon does not.

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Hi @Hestpare. Welcome to the Roon Community.
It would probably be best for you to repost this in Support, as the technical team will address it directly. We (forum members) can help on the easy stuff, but Roon is more systematic and have other tools.
It won’t make you feel better, I know, but Roon puts way more demands on a network and computer than ordinary streaming services like Tidal or Bluesound. There is heavy communication with the internet, reloading pages with graphics and other information gleaned from a variety of sources. This is then put into a database on your computer to organize and link it in an explorable fashion. Roon is also streams, but may need to do it for multiple endpoints with different music streams and perhaps digital signal processing.
The point is that just because you can stream one app in your home, there aren’t flaws in the network that will not allow Roon to work correctly. We all wish it weren’t that way, but that’s the price of admission.
The online support does piss some people off. The Roon staff are distributed all over the place. Having a record on line allows them to draw in other staff for problem solving. It’s not as intimate, but it still works and allows Roon to function efficiently.

Thanks @grossmsj, I’ll post this in the support area if I can find it. Thank you for your insight and your time.

I’d move it for you if I could. Used to have that privilege, but I’ve been demoted… :cry:

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