Roon, Tidal Drop outs and Devialet

Core Machine (Operating system/System info/Roon build number)

Diskstation Synology 216 j 4MB with external SD running Roon/ Version 1.6 build 416 / 1

Google Mesh network: 611 down / 38 up
4 wifi points
Core machine hardwired to Primary which in turn is hard wired to Netgear CM1000 modem

Main hifi Rig:

  1. Apple ipad console running roon remote
  2. Hifi: Devialet 140 pro hard wired to Google mesh point. Speed at this Mesh is 95MB / 30MB

Persistent but inconsitnat Tidal is loading slowly errors and then track skips. Once a playlist starts to play it usually plays fine, its in the initial load that the problem occurs. I never have slow loading errors when spooling from hard drive music.
Iv’e read several posts that this is either a tidal / devialet or google issue. ANyone one have any current information on what the reason is as i would like to get to the bottom if it as its really annoying since most of my listening is through tidal?

Hi Neil, welcome to the forum. Can you please give us a little more detail of your system and the problems you are experiencing?

HI ALex,

I just added the additional information i the primary post. Please let me know if you need anymore information on the system to help diagnose the problem

I would hazard a guess that this is a wireless network problem. I think you need help from @support so I have flagged them for you.

Hi @neil_kaye,

Can you please let me know if “System Output” has the same behavior as the Devialet? This would help us separate the endpoint from the equation. Also, how are your DNS servers set up, are you using the ISP provided ones or are you using Google / Cloudflare DNS?

Hi noris

  1. System output: Let me run some test on different zones and ill let you know what happens
  2. DNS is through ISP NOT Gooole or CLoudfare. I tried to follow the Google setup and quite honestly it was a little above my pay grade


Hi @neil_kaye,

Sounds like a plan, please let me know the outcome.

These instructions from Google should help. It would be a router-level change to Google or Cloudlfare’s DNS servers ( for Google or for Cloudflare).

I;ve put off changing the ISP as the Tidal streaming has been rock solid for the last 48 hours.Perhaps something changed in the background up stream (new roon upgrade?) Anyway ill check back in in a week.
Hoping the change for better is permanent

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