Roon Tidal import creates duplicate madness

I just signed up for 4 cheap months of Tidal. I like to have my own library of albums mirrored on my hard drive and in my Tidal account, so I can keep a database of ‘liked’ albums to play on Tidal on my phone.

When I add my Tidal account it scans my library and creates MANY duplicates, a lot of them are MQA versions of albums I already have, but not all of the duplicates are MQA. Going through the library, right click selecting the duplicates, pressing ‘edit’, then clicking ‘group alternate versions’ takes a lot of time on a database of 1000+ albums. It is chaos.

I have tried reanalysing my entire library, and switching around how Roon handles album and artist titles, but this makes no difference. I already have ‘Show hidden tracks and albums’ set to ‘off’ so it is nothing to do with this.

Is there a quick way to solve this? Is there at least a keyboard shortcut I can use to group alternative versions without all the clicks? Thanks

Hi @Daniel_Rourke,

Do the following guide by any chance apply to your collection?

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