Roon / Tidal inconsistencies

For the last couple of days I have seen a number of inconsistencies when searching in Roon:

  1. Looking into the Masters version of Flaming Lips “The Soft Bulleting” the track list in Roon is not correct and differs from the one in Tidal, eg. Waitin’ for a Superman is not shown in Roon (just tried playing track 7, Roon plays Waitin’ for a Superman - but shows a track called The Observer)…
  2. When searching for Kraftwerk and then clicking of Kraftwerk, the list of Top Tracks is with an artist called Roberto Goyeneche
  3. When searching for Pink Floyd and clicking on Main Albums, Obscured By Clouds is not shown
  4. When searching for The Beatles and clicking on Main Albums, Magical Mystery Tour is not shown
  5. When searching for Jean Michel Jarre (or Jean-Michel Jarre) and clicking on Main Albums, Equinoxe is not shown

I have checked the above in Tidal and all the the albums are there, you can also find them individually in Roon.

The search engine also seems to generate many strange results when using multi word searches…

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@joel might want to take a look at these…

Thanks Roland. FWIW, I read every single post in the Support / Metadata Issues sub-forum; I just don’t have time to respond to all of them :slight_smile: .

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@larsm Hi Jedburgh, the Flaming Lips problem is coming from some bad metadata from Rovi which is causing an erroneous equivalence between that edition of the album and TIDAL’s. I’ve contacted Rovi and asked them to correct it.

Items 3 and 4 are, I think, a bug. They are all classified as Soundtracks and it appears that these are not being included under Main Albums in search, as they should be. I’ll log a ticket to get this fixed. @mike FYI

Item 2 is going to be library dependent. Do you have that track in your library somewhere? The likely scenario is that it has a Kraftwerk credit on it.

Item 5 I can’t reproduce as I can see this album in a Roon TIDAL search when I have no other J-MJ in the library.

Many thanks for your due diligence here; it really helps us to improve the product!

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Thanks for getting back so fast.
I tried to disable my own library and it turns out that I have JMJ Equinoxe in there, Item 5 solved - my mistake - sorry.
With the local library turned off and only access to Tidal, I still get all top tracks for Kraftwerk to be Roberto Goyeneche, it doesn’t bother me, but it looks strange that the top track list differs from the ones in Tidal, however most likely an issue isolated to this specific search and not a general thing…
Thanks for solving the other ones…
Roon is by far the best player and front-end for music that exists, can’t wait for my Meridian 218 to arrive and listen to the full MQA experience unfolding on my DSP8000’s - thanks to all contributing to this great experience…