Roon/Tidal library empty after time machine restore

This week Mac OSX Sierra 10.12.4 was released. I had my Mac Mini upgraded, but after that I was not able at all to connect to my DAC anymore (AVM V30). Hence I restored the latest backup before the upgrade from my time machine. Now Roon asks me to login or sign up when I open it. After providing the login credentials (lifetime membership) it stalls on ‘Logging in’. After pressing ‘Back’, I can connect to the Roon server and I can log on to Tidal. Great.

But now my library is completely empty! PANIC!

What can I do?

Time Machine backups are not compatible with Roon.

You need to restore from another kind of backup.

I read about that in the mean time. :frowning: What would be my best plan B now as I do not have other backups?

Reinstall as a last resort? I will then lose all my playing information, manually adjusted meta data, ratings and probably a lot more. :cry:

I understand that you’re saying Roon doesn’t see your music library. But are all your music files where they were before your upgrade/restore? Do you have another backup of your music library?

Well, my library is still intact. That is not the problem. All my files are still in the same place. But when I now point Roon to them, the library does not get updated/filled. So it remains empty. Probably because it is a corrupt version due to the restore of the time capsule backup. That is my thinking for now at least. :cry:

Can you play tracks from the library using a different application? (As long as tracks are in a format that MacOS can read, you can test this from Preview in the Finder.)

Yes. That works. :slight_smile:

Okay, so now’s the time when I drop an @support flag and suggest that you provide details of your setup, as described here.

Thank you!

My setup:

Roon Core 1.3 (build 209 64-bit)
Roon version 1.3 (build 209)
Mac Mini Server (mid 2011) i7; OSX 10.12.3; 8Gb RAM
All music stored on 2 internal hard drives 1. in iTunes library on internal HD1 and 2. DSF files on internal HD2. No NAS.
Around 25.000 number of tracks including TIDAL tracks

Problem description: I had to restore a backup after my update to OSX 10.12.4 failed. I restored my backup from the Time Capsule in my network, not realizing this could corrupt my Roon database.

I think you just need to delete your entire Roon installation (not your music files, obviously, just the /library/Roon folder) and start again from scratch I’m afraid.

@support will confirm

In the meantime, read up about how you can reliably back Roon up.

Hey @Richard_Verhart – unfortunately, Time Capsule backups are generally not going to work with Roon. If you don’t have another backup of your database, there may not be much we can do here.

If you’ve made a lot of edits or playlists, or have a long play history you’re worried about, we can look into this a bit more, but unfortunately without a real backup of the database, options may be limited here.

Let us know and if you just want to start fresh, you’ll want to remove your Roon database, which you can find here.

Hi Mike,

I have started now with a fresh library. That worked out fine and I have manually added my internet radio stations again. SonInhave taken my loss and also made my first backup (and scheduled future backups).

Thanks for your support to all and this thread may be closed.