Roon TIDAL Login Failed [Resolved]

I have been using Roon w/TIDAL HI-FI USA successfully for almost a year now on my HP all-in-one Windows 10 Desktop w/Intel i7-6700T as a Core and my Android phone as a remote, all used to control my PSAudio DSD-DAC which is direct Ethernet cable connected to the router. Yesterday, for the first time when opening Roon, it could not connect to my TIDAL account and gave a “TIDAL Login Failed” error. Roon could see the music I have stored on my Desktop hard-drive, but cannot access TIDAL. I can access TIDAL directly outside of Roon, so there is not a TIDAL issue. I have a Nighthawk R7000 with the latest firmware loaded that is Ethernet connected to the Desktop. I have tried restarting the computer once but this didn’t help.

This happened to me after the 306 update. I logged out of Tidal in Roon and logged back in and all was fixed. Not sure why it happened in 306 but I have seen others report the same symptom.

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Thanks John… Since I’m already logged out of TIDAL within Roon and can’t seem to see how to even retry or do a new login, I seem to be stuck.

Hi @EaglesMan — Thank you for the report and sharing your feedback with us. Before we go into other troubleshooting techniques I would like to “piggy back” on the comments left in @John_Aiello’s post above. Appreciated, John!

Mark, in Roon, if you go into “settings” > “services” > “TIDAL” (clicking the “edit” button) what are you presented with? Can you log out and back in via that screen?


I am presented with a dialog box that shows my email under username and under “Status” says “Failed to reconnect. Please retry later or edit your account information”

AH… There was an Edit button in the dialog box I just mentioned and it gave the login option for TIDAL… All set now. Thanks!

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Awesome! Glad to hear @EaglesMan!

Happy listening!