Roon + Tidal management

I need a little guidance on managing Tidal items within Roon. Per the guide it’s suggested to add Tidal items to the Roon library. This results in them being both in the Tidal favorites and Roon library. That leads me to my questions.

I’m only adding 24 bit MQA items (when applicable) to my Library. Since this also adds to the Tidal favorites will those show up on non-24 bit compatible Tidal clients such as the iphone one?

Since my goal is to only play 24 bit (when available) while using Roon I need to remove all non-24 bit items from my Tidal favorites? Otherwise I find myself playing 16 bit files which is not preferred.

Can I remove Tidal favorites within Roon? If so how?

Hi @chris_hoerske,

Take a look at our documentation on Versions. You could have both the 16 bit and 24 bit versions of the album in your library, and set the 24 bit version as your Primary version so it is played by default.

You can remove TIDAL favorites by selecting them, choosing Edit, and then deleting the albums/tracks. This will remove them as favorites in TIDAL.

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