Roon - Tidal MQA settings for MScaler/TT2

Tidal via Roon to Chord MScaler/TT2 combo … what settings for the MQA side on my Roon MScaler device setup ?

Decoder on?
Renderer only ?

I’ve tried searching but there is rather a lot to confuse me.

MQA Core decoder should always be enabled.

MQA Capabilities for Chord should be No MQA Support.

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Cheers :slightly_smiling_face:

Also for Tidal, I always add the non MQA album version when there is one (click on Versions). Only play the MQA ones if there is not another choice. The M Scaler does a better job upscaling 44.1 than MQA.


So, does the Lumin U1 mini do the final MQA unfold on Tidal MQA files?

Only MQA Core decoding (first unfold) to digital output.

No certified MQA device can render MQA to digital output in a correct / MQA-approved manner.

If you want MQA rendering or full decoding, you will have to use a MQA DAC with analog output, including our Lumin products with analog outputs.

Thanks for clearing up my confusion.