Roon Tidal New Suggested Tracks inquiry

I am using Tidal streaming in Roon.

Under the Tidal > Whats New > Tracks - I can see the same New Tracks in the Native Tidal App.

What I am looking for is the “Suggested New Tracks” track list that the native Tidal App has as this has more music to my tastes. Is there a way to navigate to this in Roon?

I know under Tidal > Whats New > Tracks there is a tab on the right where I can click “recommended” but this is not the same as the Suggested New Tracks in Tidal App.

Thank you


That’s interesting as my suggested tracks list from Tidal have a lot of tracks from artists I have banned, genres that those banned artists are in and overall it seems a list not based on my listening habits at all, but more based on the owners and sponsors of tidal.

Roon seems to list more tracks that are actually based on my Tidal listens and is actually of some use.

I guess that doesn’t help you or any of us focus the recommendations though.

Same problem here. Nothing account bound but Albums, tracks or playlist comes through.
So, no ‘Mixes for you’; no personal radio stations etc. Its a big miss!!