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Zen Stream, Chromecast, pixel 6, Wintel notebook

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Description of Issue

On my pixel 6 and windows laptop I have both Roon and Tidal installed. Roon is basically useless on these devices, as it does not play music, but constant warning about Tidal.
Why can’t it play nicely with Tidal?

What exactly are you getting as an error?

Have you updated your Zen Stream as there was a bug where Tidal was leaving the device locked and not available for Roon.
You also have to disconnect the Tidal stream before you can use Roon as again it is locked to one protocol at a time.


Thanks for the fast reply.
On the phone I get a bunch of notifications without knowing where it comes from. When I stop playing on Pixel, notifications stop.
If I play on Choomecast controlling with pixel, a bunch of sound notifications on the pixel again, but no notification text.
On the laptop Roon gives a tidal related message, need to watch again, I don’t exactly remember the words. Something like tidal is playing, when it does not.
I will check the stream firmware version.

Hi, thanks for the fast response.
2.29.2 is the version from August 12.

There is a version from September and October that I’m sure fixes that problem, as I had it myself.

My guess is you have tried the update already and it is no longer there. Version 3 should be imminent as well

Will try to update. When I click on check for updates on the iFi stream phone browser interface, it says wait and never ends…

Make sure your DNS settings are correct.
Hopefully getting this update will fix it for you.

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