Roon/Tidal Playlist Interface

My Playlists are cluttered because when I add an album, the album itself is not shown, but rather each individual track from the album is listed. This makes for one very long and unwieldily Playlist!!

How can I get the Playlists to shown only the image of the album cover and name? And then to simply click on that if I want to see all the tracks listed?


You can’t have playlists of albums. Playlists are for tracks, so when you add an album to a playlist it gets the tracks the album has and places them in the playlist. I haven’t seen any streaming service or music app that creates playlists of albums.

True, but it could be better presented other then the spreadsheet like presentation we have now.

OK, I see. So, I’ll stop using Playlists.

I’d like to have a single spot In “LIBRARY” where all my saved music will go. Just one place
– not scattered in Artists, Composers, Albums, etc.

So, for instance, a single listing for Schubert, Franz: all his albums go to one folder.
a single listing for Peacock, Gary: ditto
a single listing for Chile Peppers: ditto

And is there a way for me to create the title myself? For instance if I want the title to be “Chile Peppers”, not “Red Hot Chile Peppers.”

Also, I would like to tag if MQA or not.

All simply listed in alphabetical order.
I don’t care if they’re all put under “Artists” or “Composers” – only that they all go to the same place.
Any suggestion? So far, I’m not seeing a way to accomplish this through Roon/Tidal, but maybe/probably I’m missing something?

And Finally I’d like to start from a clean slate, as currently the LIBRARY has stuff scattered all over. I don’t see an EDIT button!

Thanks much!

Select the artist you want. Look for a button called view all tracks somewhere on the right of the screen. Once you are there, you will see a list of all the tracks in your library for that artist. Now go on the top right of the screen and create a bookmark. Give it whatever name you want. From this point on when you access that bookmark from the top right you will go to the lit of tracks for that artist. You can create bookmarks for almost anything you want.

Thanks, Dusty. That seems to be the cleanest, simplest solution to organizing by Artist/Composer and having the albums to want saved in one spot