Roon -Tidal - QNAP

hi, I have Roon/Tidal on my QNAP TS 451 connected headless to my DCS Rossini Dac.

Tidal now has MQA, how can I play this through the QNAP without having to connect a computer.

When I go into Tidal desktop I can see MQA but this plays through Airplay and it is sampled down.


Just save them as favourites in Tidal then when you re sync Roon with Tidal they will show up.
I tag mine MQA in the Version bar.

Hi, saved as favourite, how do I sync, thanks

Go to settings, services. Click on Tidal wording and it will say Re Sync Now. The time of the last re sync is displayed.
It’s worth studying the Knowledge base as you listen to learn all the secrets of Roon. Chris

sorry for the hassle, in Tidal on my desktop pressed favourite, even after syncing, it still does not show, thanks

It will, keep trying. Sometimes there is a time lag. Try any album that’s not new to Tidal as a test.

here is the screen shot on tidal

Did you click the Blue text? If so, that’s all you can do. That’s how it works. Just try later. It will appear.

Yes, the sync is a few minutes back … thanks

Look in your overview screen. That’s where it will be

Thanks got it, however its outputting 24/48

That is a correct output for non decoded MQA.


great, thanks AJ and Chris

The Overview tab does not show in the iphone roon. Any tips as to how to play MQA from there.

Yes, that’s undocded MQA file. It will sound great as it is (Better than CD) but if you have an MQA DAC it will unfold the file to its maximum resolution.
Software decoding in Roon is coming but we don’t know when yet.
In the meantime, enjoy the music. Chris

Just search for it. iPhone doesn’t give the full Roon experience due to screen size.

Hi Sanjiv,
I edited your screenshot to hide your email address (for privacy reasons).


Thanks Chris, the MQA sounds better than the CDs…

The dCS Rossini DAC and Player will be able to decode MQA in a few weeks … (from the distributor).

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