Roon + Tidal, save artist with all albums and songs?


Thanks for a great software.

I have currently only Roon + Tidal since I havent started saving my music locally.

Maybe this is too easy so I cannot find it, but where can I save one artist + all work to the Artist category?

What I am looking for is basically a heart on the artist page and then the artist + works get saved in the Artis category under Library - Artist.

How do I do that?

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Is there anyone that can help?

@support is there really no-one who can help this guy?

Best I’ve found is to right-click an album, then command+a to select all, then add to library.

You’d have to do this for albums, EPS, and any “appears on”… afaik there’s no way to get everything from an artist in one go.

fwiw I started off that way, and then saw that there were lots of albums I don’t want (remixes, squashed remastered versions, edited versions) and so I am more deliberate in how I add music.

Thanks for the reply. I have also found this, but in the end its very time consuming.
And since its only Tidal, its ok to add all albums from an artist, even if I dont like it.

I hope there is a quick fix to this, because I guess that I am not the only one who wants to add an artists work as a favorite.

Would like to know the same thing, how do you save an artist ? Previously there was a outline of a heart you could click on which would become solid allowing you to have that artist saved, where is that feature gone now ? How do I get back to that ? What am I doing wrong in that all I see now is the radio button ? Is this feature to select an artist buried in the settings ? This is most frustrating, please HELP !

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