Roon Tidal Search Could Be Better

Not loving Tidal search in Roon, ie. search “Grateful Dead” select “Tidal Albums” and all that comes up are 35 Grateful Dead albums which have “Grateful Dead” in the title. When I search for “Grateful Dead” or “Joni Mitchell” etc. and select “Albums” I don’t want to see only albums with the artists name in the title. Of course this is just me and others may prefer this functionality.

Try searching for “Joni Mitchell” “Tidal Albums” “View All” and “Don Juan’s Reckless Daughter” does not show up. Instead you have to select “Tidal Artists” “Main Albums” “View All Main Albums”! This is not a matter of personal preference this is WRONG!

Exactly what are you selecting to start the search … are you selecting tidal or artist in the settings drop down?

I tried both and see Joni album you say is not shown

What drop down menu are you talking about? I’ve never seen one for Tidal or Artists. I only see one search option. I tried searching the way @Mark_Ozdoba mentioned and don’t see that album. But I do see it going about the second way.

The search functionality kind of sucks in Roon, no offense to the devs. The other week I searched Carpenter John with no results for John Carpenter as a solo artist, only one collaboration shows up. If you search John Carpenter you get his solo stuff and several collaborations. Shouldn’t you get all results searching both ways?

This drop down…but I tried from the magnifying glass icon on the overview screen and still found the album daughters …