Roon-Tidal sync

Roon does not show up latest releases in Tidal. Willie Nelson album in Tidal, but not in Roon.

This does happen in Tidal and Qobuz (but can also be a search issue).
Try adding it in Tidal as a favorite and then going to the Tidal menu on Roon and pressing sync.

This does work. But why I have to do it manually? Roon should do it for me.

It does, but it’s sometimes not quick as both Roon and Tidal use this information.

Just tried to give you a working solution is all

Thank you. I appreciate your help. I just wonder why Roon cannot manage this easy job on one hand, on the other hand they praise their valence, which is not able to give my decent suggestions. Tidal does the better job here, althought they aren‘t not aware of my library which holds tons of Willie Nelson albums.

I think that Roon has very tight integration to Tidal and Qobuz at a low level of feed and sometimes is just takes time.
All our tastes are different and Valence gives me good options but I rarely use it as I prefer album’s.

The album and artist recommendations I get in Home tend to be good, but easily beaten by the forums here :grin:

When an album is released, Tidal/Qobuz will get it from the distributor. Roon needs to get the album and relevant metadata from these streaming services. It can take a day or two to get the data passed through to Roon. It can also take time for the album (and all of its metadata) to be displayed on Roon.
So there will be temporary cases where Tidal/Qobuz will have the album and it isn’t visible in Roon.
That is why. We all want everything right away, but that’s the reason why it doesn’t happen in these cases. An album released on February 25 or 26 will not be visible in Roon immediately. If it is an album that’s been released for several weeks, that is a problem that should be reported to Roon.

Sorry, but it looks that you did not read the second part of the quoted sentence.

This topic comes up about 350 times a month. I don’t know why Roon don’t do a flashing sticky with a klaxon on it too.

The sync of the metadata from Tidal/Qobuz to Roon is not done in real time. It’s a batch process so there’s sometimes a lag of up to about 24 hours (if you’re unlucky) between the album being visible in Tidal and the metadata making its way into Roon.

The question of why Roon can’t do it more often is open to speculation, but probably to do with their contractual agreement with the streaming services as to how often they can poll their servers for a bulk download of data.

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It’s a people problem, not a Roon problem. I suppose it’s good folks are so anxious to get the new release. But yeah, it seems to come up about once every week or two, unless it’s Taylor Swift. Then five times in one day.

I’m sympathetic to the problem. It’s not obvious why there’s a lag and there’s a reasonable argument to be had that there shouldn’t be a lag. It’s just been played out hundreds of times here.

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