ROON/Tidal synchronisation

Roon Core Machine

Mac Mini, M1 CPU, 16GB RAM

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Unifi Dream Machine Pro, UWS-24-POE (Mac Mini Roon core ethernet connected at 1Gbps full duplex to switch, switch connected to Dream Machine Pro at 1Gbps full duplex for Internet access service), Unifi6Lite Wi-Fi access points for Roon remotes.

Connected Audio Devices

Mac Mini Roon Core connected to Rotel Michi P5 preamplifier DAC via USB-B cable
iMac 24 and iPhone 12 Pro as Roon Remote

Number of Tracks in Library

17,000 tracks

Description of Issue

Tidal My Mix and new release tracks aren’t synchronised between Tidal and Roon. For example the new Bruce Springsteen single Do I Love You (Indeed I Do) has dropped on Tidal and Tidal has sent me a notification and I can play the track though the Tidal app, but I can’t find this in Roon. It isn’t in my suggested new tracks, when I search artist Bruce Springsteen it doesn’t appear.

There is general lack of cohesion between what Tidal has in My Daily Mix playlists and what Roon displays. A regular occurence for example is to select say My Daily Mix 1 and the tracks are completely differenet from what Roon is displaying.

Recent updates to Roon have called out fixes in this area, but it is still needs development to avoid usability issues.

Tidal doesn’t push to Roon immediately.

You can force an update by going into Settings>Services, click edit beside Tidal and click “Sync Library Now”
Or you could restart your core.

As far as new releases go, it can take a day or so for them to appear in Roon.
As I understand it, this is because Roon doesn’t pull its metadata from Tidal. It uses another service (I believe it’s MusicBrainz) and it can take some time for the metadata to be available there.

If you don’t want to wait you can add the release to your library in the Tidal app and it will show up in Roon at next push (usually within an hour) or you can force an update as above.

Thanks Jeff - I wasn’t aware of the Musicbrainz integration, so that’s really good to know and another rabit hole to explore :wink:

I will try your method to see if the track becomes available in Roon for this single instance - so far this still hasn’t appeared in Roon, but I will exercise some more patience. The Daily Mix lag is still an issue which may well take me down the road of going with a Tidal Connect capable device and using the native Tidal app as well as (or instead of) Roon.

I’m curious what you mean by “Daily Mix” as it doesn’t appear I have that at all.
I have the Roon Daily mixes on the Home tab and several “My Mix” on the Tidal tab.
The My Mix playlists are identical in Roon and the Tidal app.

Hey @Michael_Fulstow,

Following up on @Placebophile’s great info here, daily mixes from Tidal are not currently available in Roon.

A workaround, for now, would be to add your daily mixes as a playlist in Roon. That said, they will not auto-update, so you’d need to create a fresh playlist for a fresh daily mix. I will certainly push this as a feature request to our dev team though, as I know many would benefit from it.

Let me know if you have any additional questions :+1:


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