Roon <--> Tidal

Is it accurate to say that the “automated” link with Tidal is mostly a one-way affair? In other words, an album or track favorited in Tidal will show up in my Roon collection automatically, but Roon favorites can’t get passed back to Tidal?

Ditto for playlists, too, with the added limitation that I can’t get my Roon playlists into Tidal by any method that I know of other than a manual creation of the playlist in Tidal using the tracks listed in the Roon playlist.

Is that a fair assessment of the situation?


Hi Jeff,

That’s about right, though in Roon adding a Tidal track or album into the Roon library does mark it as a favourite in Tidal.

Cool. That works and will save at least a few mouse clicks. :slight_smile: