Roon (TIVo) Credit Needs Improvements

I don’t know this subject has been discussed. One of the MAJOR reasons for using Roon is the metadata management. However, the detailed credits of musicians for non-major labels and artists - indy rock, minor European jazz, etc - are far lacking. If they manage to get the artists, most of them are shown as “primary artist” without showing what instruments they play. More and more I find the Tidal app doing much better job on this function (often they show the credits specific to each song).

I understand that TiVo is also to blame, but Roon should do a better job compiling the data from other sources to be able to claim the throne in this area.

Haha! :slight_smile: Lots of open feature suggestions for better credits

Many good suggestions were made years ago, but I don’t see any of them in the current version. Does it mean that Roon is not really interested?

Im sure they are interested. But, are probably constrained by the data availability, costs, and contracts.

I agree, I have a cd The 7th Voyage of Sinbad by Bernard Hermann and although the tivo article is interesting is states “This double CD” etc. Is not a double cd. Its a shame you can’t grab reviews yourself, so when you look at your own collection all the data is correct. I hate miss matching information,

Your version might not be a double cd but there is one available it’s listed on Discogs, so the review available for the album is of that one.