Roon to Android phone options

@johnlownik This is just a heads up in case you want to use the Pixel 2 with ARC’s BETA USB driver.

To start, I don’t know if this actually affects the Pixel 2. However, some Pixel devices don’t play well with ARC’s BETA USB driver, at least with some DACs. I have a Pixel 8 Pro and an iFi Go Bar. For me, the dac would cut out every 35 - 50 seconds or so. Roon is aware and there is a workaround.

To summarize ivan’s quote below, the workaround is to enable Developer options and Enable the ‘Disable USB audio routing’. This works well for me, but does occasionally cause audio issues with other apps. It’s a little bit of a pain, but toggling the setting back fixes the other apps.