Roon to Auralic Aries only plays for a few minutes then stops [Solved]

Having an issue when using Roon to play to an Auralic Aries. It works find for anywhere from 2 - 10 mins or so then it just stops playing. The play/pause button in room is shows it as playing but the progress indicator doesn’t move for the song. Seems to happen with anything above 44k (though it has happened occasionally at 44k as well). Occurs on 88, 192, DSD. . Same songs play fine directly from the Aries. The same songs play fine on the PC running Roon directly into the DAC. So. . Roon to Aries seems to be the issue.

My setup is all wired. Music on a NAS.

Any ideas?

Are you running the latest Aries firmware?

Yes, latest of all the software.

Windows based machine? There was an issue reported with Windows based Roon and streamers such as the Aries and Sonicorbiter - it is related to an issue on Windows 10 and the fix will be released with v1.2:

However, the symptoms are different from what you stated.

I for one am running on OSX 10.11.4 and latest Aries firmware without any issues.

Hey @Adam_Crafton – we believe this is likely to be resolved once 1.2 goes live. Can you try with our next release and let me know how it goes?

Sorry for the trouble here!

Mike -thanks for looking into it. .I’ll hang tight until the next version.


It seems related to this in that I have only been able to recreate it consistently on 24/192. It will fail at certain times for sure… may be 10 seconds may be 5 minutes.

It is a Windows 10 machine.

1.2 is out, and we think this is fixed now. If we’re wrong, let us know!

yes. after a few hours of listening with 1.2 the problem seems fixed. Thanks for resolving!

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