Roon to define an export format for all music including streamed

You know, hidden in this discussion is an interesting feature request.
Playlists are so old fashioned — understandably, they were defined in the old days when the only thing we could play were files in a file system. So the identity of a song is the physical path to the file. This caused trouble even on its own level: I once had a PC with files on two drives, tried to export playlists to use in my car, had to do a lot of clever stuff.

And now of course, we have streamed music.

But Roon has the ability to share streamed albums or songs, as we see in the What Are We Listening To Now. Of course, this sharing is for human consumption, it can’t be loaded into Roon, a human has to search in Roon, find the album in Tidal or Qobuz, and then Add To Library.

But Roon is pretty good at this, does it automatically with good success in the Versions tab.

It would be interesting if Roon could define an export format for all music including streamed that was (a) readable by a human, and (b) importable by Roon, and © open to the industry. It would be useful in the case of the OP, it would show thought leadership, it would encourage some people to get Roon (like the OP’s friend). And yes, it would make it easier for people to move away from Roon, once other programs are able to import the format but along the way it would define the leadership. @danny ?