ROON to HQPlayer failed

I have a problem suddenly with Roon not being able to send music to HQplayer. When I open HQplayer I get this on the bottomline: HQ player CImainwindow::setTransport(): clHQPlayerENgine::SetTRansport(): Failed

I do not know what that mean. And then when I try to play from Roon the stream does not seem to reach HQplayer. When I attempt it the bottom of the HQplayer screen says: Processing time: 0:00.000 (m:ss.sss)

Is there anybody who can help? I have of course pressed the bottom to allow control from the network.

Thanks in advance, Morten

I moved this to the specific sub section which is for HQPLAYER.
I’m sure someone will be able to assist you here.

This is normal. HQPlayer remember what has been played last time, but the when the source is Roon, the old source is not valid anymore.

Are you using a NAA? If yes, maybe HQPlayer hasn’t been able to reach your DAC. Or your DAC may be missing or busy otherwise. Please check Roon → Settings → Audio that your DAC is not enabled there as output.

Hi Jussi,

It is very weird. I am not using a NAA and HQplayer is setup in ROON and chosen when I try to play the record. I have tried to upload a record directly in HQplayer and that works well. Then it plays. It seems to be the link between ROON and HQplayer that does not work anymore.

It was very weird because it has worked until know and suddenly happened when I played around with HQplayer to find the best filters.

On your advice, I do not know what you mean precisely when you say that I should check that my DAC ‘is not enabled there as output’. I have installed HQplayer in ROON as output and normally it works.

Thanks for your help. Morten

Now suddenly it began working again, but now all the records I stream from qobus are seriously delayed up to 10 seconds if they even begin to work. When I play by local records it works well.

Before this problem there was no serious delay when using HQplayer.

Actually even my local records are now delayed 4-5 second when played from Roon to HQplayer

Or even 12 seconds…with some records…I really do not understand how the link between ROOn and HQplayer can deteriorate so much suddenly.

Go to Roon → Settings → Audio. There you have available output devices. Disable everything else except HQPlayer.

What are your settings in HQPlayer?

It looks like it is to do with filters surprisingly enough. When I use Closed-Form-16M and Since-L - the delays become very large and the streamed records almost cannot play. However when I return to for example poly-sinc-ext2 - then it works again. Is there something special with those filters? I have a super fast iMac2019 3,6 GHz, 8-core i9, 64 GB 2667 Mhz DDR4, Radeon Pro Vega 48 8 GB running Roon and Hqplayer…So why cannot I not play those filters? I use the ASDM7ECv2 modular through firewire to a MYTEKDSD192 Dac…

By the way is there any filter you would recommend to this DAC?

It is weird if I play music from HQplayer all filters work well. And now it is again unstable from ROON and I cannot play anything…it takes 10 seconds to start a local record and streaming does not work at all.

I just don’t understand why suddenly these problems have appeared.

I have also deactivated all output devices and the problem continues.

Yes, very long filters equal to very long delay.

For ESS based DACs I’d recommend ASDM5ECv2, but you can also use ASDM7ECv2 if you like. Filter is up to your preferences.

Still does not work though! What can be wrong that suddenly makes hqplayer so difficult to access from Roon ?

I don’t know… Depending on how it fails. Maybe some hints in either HQPlayer log file or Roon log?

Sorry but where do I find the log files? I am a bit in doubt here. I purchased the new version of HQplayer just three weeks ago and now it is all but unusable. Should I get ROON to assist with this or you Jussi?

Please see “troubleshooting” section in the manual.

I don’t know about Roon’s log. But you can probably find it somewhere in their application.

Has something changed during that time? And you said HQPlayer works fine standalone?

It depends where the problem is.