Roon to JRiver to RPi (HQPlayer embedded)

I run some VST plugins, so my current setup is:
Roon -> JRiver ASIO WDM -> JRiver -> DAC

But now I got an RPi4 and though, why not put HQPlayer with some nice up-sampling on that, so I get this chain:
Roon -> JRiver ASIO WDM -> JRiver -> ethernet -> HQPlayer embedded on RPi4 -> DAC

Problem is, I have no idea how to accomplish this! Is it even possible, and if so, how?

I dont believe the RPi would have enough power to run HQP embedded. NAA maybe.

This should probably be in another forum all together but lets move it to the #audio-products:hq-player area and maybe Jussi can chime in.

I only plan to up-sample PCM to maybe 176 or 192 (no DSD), so an RPi4 is hopefully powerful enough. But first step is to get it working, then I will report.

Based on my testing RasPi4 can do PCM upsampling up to 352.8/384k with most filters. Possibly 705.6/768k with some filters. But DSD is generally a bit too much for it.

Pay attention to have enough cooling for the CPU and RAM on RasPi4 when using it for upsampling! Otherwise it may run into thermal throttling (limited CPU speed due to heat).

Cheers for the reply, that sounds promising but how do I get it working?

I installed the raspberry image with HQPlayer OS
I configured it from the web broser (I can see the DAC properly), and speaker-test works from within the RPi4.

I can see RPi4 with HQPlayer from JRiver, but when I try to play to it it wont work, and looking at the HQPlayer log I see something about not finding file XXX if I play file XXX locally in JRiver. And if I stream from Roon to JRiver, I see something about not finding file pipe:/… I need to stream, not just send command, but maybe thats how DLNA works (I have never used it before).

Note that I don’t specifically need JRiver, I just use it to run some VST plugins so any good sounding VST host could be used instead.