Roon To Play Automatically after Connection Lost

I have some issues with my USB Cable (replacing with good ones) and or wifi (will try with static IP or dedicated airport-express).

However some times ( Some times I do get stable connection throughout my session ) there is connection lost (it says Roon Lost the connection - sort of message) and ofcouse the music stops. Now by time I pick up my ipad (remote) > touch passcode open > Roon> the connection is already established and ready. All i have to do is simply press PLAY and the track continues from where it stopped on that zone.

Can this be automatically done by Roon ? Yes connection lost (due to what ever reasons) and once establisted, Roon can automatically starts from where it stopped?.
System:MacBook Air 6.1 ( Intel Core i5, 1.4GHz, L2 256kB, L3 3MB, Memory 4GB); Ipad-mini4 ; track ~5k > USB to Devialet

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