Roon to support widgets in Apple devices


I would like Roon to support simple play, pause, next, previous, using the widget function in iDevices.
Should be simple to implement, but it may brake with the philosophy on equal user experience on all platforms.

But no rule without exceptions :slight_smile:

(paolo) #2

wold also be nice having Roon support in iOS apps such as “Launcher” and/or “Launch Center Pro” :wink:


Any cooments please ?

(Danny Dulai) #4

nothing to comment here… it’s a good idea. It’ll be here when we do rounds to see what features to add.

(Mehul) #5

Take a look at this, might be exactly what you’re looking for: Control Roon from the iOS Notification Center as a widget


Looks interesting. But as I already runs the alarm clock, will I be able to run this in addition? How to avoid conflicts.

(Mehul) #7

The Alarm Clock extension (and all other Roon extensions) run independently of one another. There shouldn’t be any conflict between them.

(t812) #8

@danny any chance you’d consider OSS’ing the iOS client so an outsider could submit a pull request to add this? Obviously you’d be able to review and/or reject the code if it didn’t meet Roon’s product goals or standards for code quality, code convention, or test coverage.

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