Roon to support Widgets on Apple devices (iPadOS and iOS) [IMPLEMENTED]

Crazy that 4 years later this hasn’t been implemented yet. I would love to skip tracks and control volumes from iOS lock screen or even Apple Watch (Spotify allows this)


Extensions solve some of this. Drawback is you need another computer or a QNAP to be running in addition.

For those that has an Apple TV, the ATV remote will also work if you have Roon ATV installed.

Any insight into which extensions? I luckily have a QNAP as my core.

For now I’ve gone with a liberal sprinkling of Ropieee installs with touch displays for the instant play/pause experience :slight_smile:

Last post (update your QNAP first)

And this is the one you wanted.

How it looks my iPad

Let me know how it’s working out for you.

BTW, if you have an Apple TV, the new Roon app for ATV is great.
Using my Apple remote play/pause.

How did you setup Shortcuts to display the buttons? I’ve got the extension installed and running but don’t find any reference to it in Shortcuts on iOS.

I struggle quite myself with that. Someone gave me a link here to follow, as it’s a function in Apple. Try to search around here.
If you find the right link, you only need to edit the IP address pointing towards where you have installed the widget, and edit the name.

Have a look here:

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if I open the Roon homepage I still see that old pic suggesting Roon is all about great UX and library management.

Library management is good.

But UX - there has been almost nothing improved in the past 2 years.

What’s wrong?


We need iOS lock screen controls please Roon team.

I can’t believe this hasn’t been addressed yet either, big drawback to using Roon Remote on devices

Dont count on it. Its been on the feature request list since 5 years. Will likely never happen.


lock screen controls

Why do I still use Spotify, for the great curation and the iOS Lock Screen controls!

a must !

cry. bitch. moan. beg. plead. pray. etc.

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There is a Roon extension for AppleTV listed on the forum here. It’s possible that could be converted to an iOS app.

I think the full Roon app has to establish a session with the server. But a simple control only mini app can just send API commands to the Roon server.

Hopefully this can be developed by Roon!


+1 on the fingers-crossed-hoping-list…

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I would like Roon to support simple play, pause, next, previous, using the widget function in iDevices.
Should be simple to implement, but it may brake with the philosophy on equal user experience on all platforms.

But no rule without exceptions :slight_smile:

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wold also be nice having Roon support in iOS apps such as “Launcher” and/or “Launch Center Pro” :wink:

Any cooments please ?

nothing to comment here… it’s a good idea. It’ll be here when we do rounds to see what features to add.


Take a look at this, might be exactly what you’re looking for: Control Roon from the iOS Notification Center as a widget