Roon to support Widgets on Apple devices (iPadOS and iOS) [IMPLEMENTED]

Looks interesting. But as I already runs the alarm clock, will I be able to run this in addition? How to avoid conflicts.

The Alarm Clock extension (and all other Roon extensions) run independently of one another. There shouldn’t be any conflict between them.

@danny any chance you’d consider OSS’ing the iOS client so an outsider could submit a pull request to add this? Obviously you’d be able to review and/or reject the code if it didn’t meet Roon’s product goals or standards for code quality, code convention, or test coverage.

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Particularly on iPadOS, could there be a Widget for Roon control - Play/Pause, Next/Previous track.



Any thoughts on this?

An example, allowing basic control of track playback etc. directly from the iOS home screen.


Please do the work to enable the iOS 14 Home Screen widget for the Roon mobile app, ideally when the software is released to the public in Autumn.


Yeah that would really nice. I would even more so appreciate a locked screen remote “widget” for iOS devices.


may as well add iPadOS to that too…and Apple Watch control just for completeness

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Yes. I think if the work is done to open the Roon app up more towards iOS APIs it should be possible to include:

  • correctly working lock screen widgets
  • any iPadOS widgets (probably very similar / the same as the iOS versions)
  • the “Now Playing” Apple Watch functionality

Fells like high time to provide this tbh.

This might sound like poking the bear for the sake of it - does the dev team have the chops to actually create these oft requested features for iOS within the limited toolset Xamarin provides?

Maybe they don’t. This request would help highlight why native apps can be so much better though. With the ubiquity of iOS and Android devices, wouldn’t it make sense to spend the development cycles to craft experiences tailored to these platforms?

Edit & Side note: Creating a modernized app on iPadOS/iOS would probably also allow for a more modern macOS Roon experience later on, seeing how the two worlds converge more and more.

Accordign to WWDC20, Widgets are going to be a big feature of iOS and iPadOS 14, it would be a shame if the Roon iOSuser was still waiting until September for Widget support.

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This is possible, but you need to use extension. So you need a QNAP or PC running 24/7 somewhere.

2.5 years later…

Requesting ROON add basic widget functionality to iphone/ipad devices. Most basic widget would allow for volume control, play/pause, forward/back. Not sure how zones would work…but i guess that would need consideration from the team.

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I wish there was a simple widget, like in spotify, there is not always a need to use the full app.


And on the watch too, pls! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


If you choose your iPhone as an output you will see the widget but only works if the output is your own iPhone or iPad.

I know;)
The request is to have it controlling the actual (or selectable) output device.

That would be nice indeed :+1:.

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