Roon to Yamaha RX-A2010

I currently have a RX-A2010 and have been super happy with it for years. My question is I would like to try ROON, has anyone used ROON with this receiver? What did you use to connect with? I was thinking going from desktop PC, Ethernet Cable to Receiver, but unsure if this works. I have never had the Ethernet Cable connected, but if this works this is how I would like to do it. Currently I have an iPad docked next to receiver and USB to receiver for music but would like to start using ROON. If someone knows the way or a better way or another device I need in between, please let me know. I do have an external DAC (SMSL VMV D1se) on another set up in house that I prefer to leave it on my 2 channel set up, but if that is what is needed, but I was thinking external DAC to receiver is going thru 2 DACS, doesn’t sound like the right way to do it. Thanks to everyone in advance.

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I would use HDMI from Roon core machine to the receiver.

If the receiver has AIRPLAY that would give you a lower resolution playback over Ethernet.

HDMI is the best bet, highest resolution and multichannel playback if that is of interest to you.

The Yamaha is not Roon Ready, does not seem to support Airplay or Chromecast, nor does it have USB audio class support so the only way to get it to work with Roon is to have your computer running Roon connected to the HDMi in. Roon does not support DNLA//UPNP networking. However there are ways to get Roon to work with a UPnP device such as the Yamaha via a secondary UPnP bridge software. There are a few ways to achieve this but not guaranteed to work as well as truly Roon Ready product as UPnP doesn’t work the same on all devices.

An easy way would be to add a Roon Endpoint bridge device. Takes Ethernet in and outputs coax that you then input into your receiver.

Allo digione works well, get the pre built one.

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Thanks so much for your response. Is the DigiOne Player similar to the Raspberry Pi in how it works? So using a device like this, Ethernet to this device then to the receiver, what is the best connection to use from this type of device

The DigiOne is a raspberry Pi with a specialized hat. It does Ethernet to SPDIF Coax. Given that your AMP cannot take in a USB feed, that is what I suggested.

One easy way is to get Topping D10 and connect usb from pc to Topping and coax/optical from Topping to Yamaha. In this way D10 is only used as usb to coax/opt converter.

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The amp does have one USB input on front (which I hate) but I do keep a iPad plugged into it currently but was going away from that. Is using the USB better than the Coax in using the device

Most usb on AV is for only for storage, not, streamed content. Double check your manual.

Thanks so much for helping out with answers,
It says it the USB is for connecting Iphone, Ipad for music playback and other storage devices. I will not be streaming any music from stream services, I will only be accessing my own personal catalog with it - is that still considered streaming since I am using roon to access my catalog and obviously it is providing info about what is in my catalog? I thought SInce my iPad plays from it, so would the PC with Roon. But hey I am here to understand and learn so I can do it right.

It isnt. When you use Roon the music file is sent to the Roon Core, it is then processed and the processed steam is sent to the Endpoint.

Thanks again and thanks everyone for responding and educating me.