Roon too dark since resolution of washed out colour problem in .536

Man, I am not trolling here, it’s just like that.

After my Pipo remote was showing “normal colours” again since .536, I had the impression that the appearance was a little dark. But I put this to my perception of the change from “washed out” to “normal”.

But opening my Windows 10 client now, which had been fine all along, I notice that this is now also far too dark.

I think sending logs or anything is a waste of time this time.


Hello @Achim and thank you for the information! I’d still like to take a closer look at a few things:

  1. What graphics card are you using? Are your drivers up to date?
  2. I’m also going to enable diagnostics for your account, this would still be useful to have when I relay this issue to my team.
  3. It would also be helpful to know more details about your core, what are you using?


Hello @nuwriy,

thanks for asking - I would like to rest this case for the time being. “Darkness” on the Win 10 machine is ok, now that outside light is more subdued in the evening. On the Pipo machine, of which I gave all details in the earlier thread, it still looks a bit dark, and darker than in earlier versions, but for the time being, I will live with it.

I may come back to the issue with further details if it gets annoying and when I have more time to send logs etc.


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