Roon Towers server issues?

We all know what happend on the release of 1.8 with the server meltdown, and the forums.beenndog slow since then too. But as soon as North America comes online every night here in the UK Roon slows down retrieving data. It often just gets stuck loading artists or albums and all you get is the bouncing Roon logo for up to a minute. It’s becoming pretty tedious and not providing a smooth UX at all.

What is happening at Roon towers to sort this out. It did start to happen on 1.7 and other users reported this such as @miguelito but since 1.8 it’s happening way more often and every night. If 1.8 is creating more load due to more data gathering, users then surely the backend needs to be able to handle this and scale accordingly.

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Agreed, mine just started with the header last night showing zero content, then after about 30 seconds or more the counts and content appeared.

This time around I will say maybe we need to be a little patient. Since Roon connects with its servers constantly, and given the newness of v1.8, lets give it some slack for both traffic to settle and the Roon team is likely figuring things out (software, server load, etc can change drastically over a transition of this sort and it takes a little time to streamline it).