Roon trial questions

Hi community,
After now ripping my CDs for the last months. I’m now thinking of testing roon to manage it. But it seems that there is only a 14 day trial and that you actively have to cancel it. Since I have three little ones at home from My experience some tasks I have to do, like canceling a subscription tend to be forgotten. Is there a self stopping test version or something like that? Thanks.
Do. You think a qnap 453mini will work as server?

My advise is to time your trial period over a long weekend, or take a day (or 2) off work to play with it, and set a reminder in your phone when to cancel. Roon isn’t something that can be passively assessed, you should dedicate some time to it if you’re serious.

Thanks. It will be hard to organise something like this. I heard that sometimes there are 60 day trial available. Maybe I wait for that.

I recall when my children were little, and weekends were anything but carefree with plenty of leisure time for myself! Having said that, I believe every new subscriber gets 30 days to cancel after purchase, so your trial could in reality be up to 44 days.
Just search the forum for Qnap to find other experiences of using these devices. In general though, NAS tend to be rather underpowered for the job (powerful NAS are of course available, at a cost) and I think you need to fit an SSD to run the core software from.

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Do you know why a ssd is needed?

Minimum specs for Roon are below. SSD is needed for the core program and database to ensure fast database access/searches and provide good responsiveness for the control devices.

Whilst you can trial it on a non-SSD devices (I did for my trial) it will not give a good impression.

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Great. Thanks a lot. I was initially planning to get a single small form factor device for lightroom and roon. But I’m not sure whether that makes sense

So I started the trial. Is there anything you would recommend to test? Some albums are displayed twice or even more times. Maybe because of different quality copies. Is there a way to show them only once? And for some bands there is no band image and no information. That’s a little bit disappointing. I thought that is one of the strengths of roon to support you with in depth info of the bandd

Sometimes albums are split with a few tracks in each, you may need to manually merge them.

Are you serious? Why would that happen? I ripped them by myself.

It’s not too big a big deal, but you may find a few “inconsistencies” which you can easily edit out. Don’t let a couple of tagging errors distract your evaluation. For most problems, there’s a solution path in the knowledge base.

For some CDs I have double listed it shows a mp3 or CD label. Is there a way that these are not displayed twice. So only the higher quality? Thanks for the feedback

I realize this doesn’t directly answer your question, but it may hold some clues:

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