ROON TV:Remote crashes on scrolling long playlists

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Description Of Issue
TV:Remote runs on AppleTV model A1842 (64 GB) tvOS 13.4.8 (17M61) wired to switch then uplinks to LAN side of the Cisco router.

TV:Remote version 1.1.2 (Released on Sept 25, 2020)

I use an iOS Roon Remote on iPhone to start playback of a Roon custom playlist from the beginning, it has about 63 tracks (a mixed of local and TIDAL tracks). I continue with controlling the playback with TV:Remote, open Queue, scroll down the list, the TV:Remote app crashes every time when I reach the 39th track down the list, I never could get beyond the 39th track.

@R_102 this may be one for you?


Hi @Fifty_Forty_Roon, thanks for the app purchase.

Couple of questions regarding the crash.

Do other similar lengthed playlists also cause a crash when scrolling in the queue, or just the 63 track one you mention?

If it’s just the 63 track playlist that’s causing an issue, could you share an excel export of the playlist? - I’m assuming the excel export works on playlists, I’ve never tired!

Does the app exit to a “Lost Core” screen or is it a full crash?

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Hi @R_102, thank you for looking into this.

I have a few other playlists but not quite the same size that I have just created a new one with 94 tracks with a mix of local and TIDAL tracks. For the local tracks, apart from FLAC tracks, the first track on the playlist is a MQA track, then followed by a few FLACs, and then after that I added TIDAL tracks to the mix. With this new playlist, I could not get beyond the 5th track (1st MQA, then 4 FLACs), the app crashes every time when moving to the 6th track. The 6th track is a FLAC, if that matters.

I did another test on the playlist. I removed all tracks from position 7th, leaving 6 tracks, retested and found the app no longer crashes. It seems playlist length and/or types of tracks in a playlist matters.

It had never crashed to a “Lost Core” screen. It had always crashed to the AppleTV home screen.

Hi @Fifty_Forty_Roon, thanks for looking into what tracks trip it up. It’s all useful info.

Are you able to share a screenshot of Roon showing the playlist/tracks that are causing the crash? Im guessing there are some track details - title, album, artist and length that i’m not handling correctly.

Sure, I will send you a private message with screenshots and a video.

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Hi @R_102, I am glad to update you that after updating to version 1.1.3, the app now handles tracks without cover art in the queue perfectly! Thank you very much for the quick turnaround, much appreciated.

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