ROON UI different on remote phone/tablet..!?

Hello all…from DK

Wondering why this is but…
On my phone as i use for remote…there isnt a colum named “overview”…on my tablet there is…an i want that to, on my phone
There is a “discover”, where there are “suggestions”
My hardware is:
Phone: Samsung J5 2016, running Android 7.0
Tablet: Lenovo 1051L running Windows 10 Home 32



Unfortunately they are indeed different but there are posts elsewhere on the forum from the Roon team suggesting that they will be redesigning them and bringing them in line in a future release.

I would hazard a guess that a phone is limited in screen size to give a great experience beyond simple selection anyways, but Roon is not a static platform and I expect change in many areas. Also the team do listen to user feedback.

Hope its gonna be fixed in near future

Keep op the very good work…and endeed the transparent sound

No but there is a ‘Recent’ I recall, which for me does the same thing when I want to see my recently imported music. Overview does this normally as it is in ‘Date Imported’ order.