Roon UI inconsistencies, playlists, albums, hearts

If you have an album in the library, add it into a queue and then from the queue go to the album, you went to the album in the library (hearts icons visible).

If you add the same album you have in the library to the playlist, put playlist in the queue and then from the queue go to the album, it will be shown as if it isn’t in the library (add to library button visible, hearts icons not visible).

It seems to be possible to click on heart icon only in album view. Why it isn’t possible to do so in playlist or queue list which show heart icons that look clickable, but they are not? I have playlists with thousand of favourite songs transferred from GPM that I would like to mark with hearts and that doesn’t seem to be anyhow possible…

Hi @gmit2,

This most likely is occurring for you because the version of the album in your playlist is from outside of the library. You can read a bit more about how this works here:’s_the_difference_between_albums_in_my_library_and_albums_outside_of_my_library%3F


OK, tnx for the link, that is somehow probably the case, but it’s still very strange.

I’ve used Soundiiz to convert playlists, but that doesn’t explain why would search that Soundiiz used return a different album than the search I do from Roon. Note that I’ve done the conversion a day ago, so I doubt that anything changed on Tidal.

So, while playing the album from the playlist that is not in the library, I click on “add to library” and it immediately jumps to the version I have in the library, but the currently playing and the playlist albums are still not in the library and the issue remains.

Hi @gmit2,

Thanks for the feedback here, we definitely appreciate it!

To be clear, even if the album that you have in a TIDAL playlist is also in your library, it’s still possible for the out of library version of that album to be added to the playlist.

We have some ideas about how we’d like to make this a bit easier in the future, but we don’t have any specific timeframes for this.

OK, tnx, looking forward for your solution, but have in mind that the current situation is broken in a way that it doesn’t work well and cannot be fixed by doing anything that is on your disposal…


any updates on this? Album handling is kind of completely broken.

For example, take “West Coast vs Wessex”, play it, it plays.

Click on Add to Library, it is added, but it’s not the same instance as it was in search (play counts differ, for example).

If I add the album to the playlist, it is added, but none of those two copies are marked they are in the playlist.

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